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Danielle LICARI

During more than a year, I had the great chance to have as singing teacher this wonderful french vocalist and  chorus-singer. The air voice of Once Upon a Time in the West, as well as of the Concerto pour une voix (Concerto for one voice) of Saint-Preux, or of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg), among so many other major musical contributions, it’s hers. I thank her infinitely for all that she brought me, as well as to so many uncountable artists.

Chopin, Beatles, Queen are the artists who most marked me, with french references as Michel Polnareff or Jean-Jacques Goldman.

After an adolescence where I ventured on the piano, then on the guitar, I joined into the end of the 80s the Night school of the song (which would become afterward la Manufacture Chanson, the Song factory), goes out of French-style Fame, where I learned the various aspects of artist interpreter's job. Followed a series of concerts to the Théâtre des Amandiers de Paris, to Argenteuil or still in Quebec, as well as my admission to the Association of Composers and Music Publishers (SACEM) in 1989.

Afterward, I developped different experiences in the musical sphere, ranging from piano bar (in Les Caves des Orres in 1997, or more recently in Le Hangar, in Cormontreuil, next to Reims) to the rock band (Hedonism, with whom I turn(shoot) in the region from Marseille in 2000-2001, as keyboard chorus-singer).


The pleasure of the home studio, which allows to develop ones’ songs, like a alchemist, and to give them a first sound dressing. Experiment, incessantly try, in ones’ test tubes mix notes and words, instruments, voices, rhythms, to find an interesting formula …

The common point between these experiences is an indeniable taste for covering, which allows to work on standards of variety, jazz or pop rock, and to feed on it, to improve ones’ own compositions.

My ultimate pleasure remains however the creation, the writing of songs, musics, texts, poems, by which I try to send to the light small pieces of soul, torn away from nothingness, in the happiest possible way.

Passacaille, at Théâtre des Amandiers in Paris (1989).

 « Chanter les rêves »

(Sing the dreams)

« La vie ordinateur »

(Computer life)

In my time « handsome boy »…

The team of the ACP

The Ateliers Chansons de Paris (ACP, become la Manufacture Chanson, « the Song factory ») were and keep being a wonderful artistic laboratory, where I had the opportunity to meet artists as Lââm, Ann-Gaël Barrère, Laurent Malot, Anouk Manetti, Olenka Witjas … among many of the others, and to collaborate with some of them. Interpretation, vocal technique, theater, clown's game, arrangements, African dance, modern ' jazz … were a part of numerous taught disciplines, by masters as talented as regretted Christian Dente and Gilles Elbaz, as Luce Klein, Michel Goubin, Hervé Laudière, Christine Costa, Georgina Aguerre, and many other high-level artists (that those I forget forgive me … but so many years have passed !).

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