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Piano or singing lessons are the main music lessons I give, especially in pop rock or pop styles. I intervene either directly with the students, or through musical training organizations. I try to keep an open mind during these interventions, so as to put me within reach of students ; I also mix practice and theoretical contributions, which help to better understand and appreciate music.


I already had the opportunity to provide literary writing workshops (in Taissy, next to Reims, in Champagne), which included song writing (for the text part). But I can also offer you composition lessons, dealing with the musical part (melody, musical grid = chords suite, harmonic elements, rhythmic ...) and the interaction lyrics / music, to deepen tutorials offered on youtube, and especially to adapt the artistic education to your particular case and your specific expectations.

Private concerts, courses Version française


Several types of concerts are possible, according to the configuration of the place and your expectations : piano concert (with a repertoire of original compositions), piano - voice concert (original songs and / or covers), concert with orchestrated bands in support of the piano and the voice (original songs).