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This very eclectic repertory, constituted during forty years, year after year, includes songs (words and music), instrumentals, poems, or texts or musics, which, stored in the section of the temporary deposits, wait patiently for their artistic complement … These are projects kept " in reserve", to propose them possibly to other creators, what opens the door to beautiful and fruitful collaborations. I compose or write according to the inspiration of the moment, but also "custom-made", according to your artistic needs : words (in french or english), song musics, instrumentals pieces, sound illustrations of all types…



 Composed in 1999, this title is a part of a set proposed between 1999 and 2001 to Alain Bashung. You can listen to it on Soundcloud or on YouTube.

Lum de lune

Recent song ( 2016 ), written for my wife, and proposed here in piano-voice version.


This instrumental piece in the rural and funny airs was composed at the piano in my adolescence, then arranged in the 2000s.


Pop rock song of the 80s, a little inspired by JJ Goldman - this inspiration is voluntary and assumed - having for theme the desire to surpass oneself to realize one’s dreams.

La danse des poupées


A little bit strange (even silly) instrumental piece, exclusively composed of synthetic ropes, which confer it a fantastic, sometimes disturbing atmosphere.

Spirits of fire

Pop rock instrumental piece, composed in a "group"spirit, with parts of electric guitars which respond to each other.


 Adolescence song, with rock and anti-authority spirit, arranged and recorded… 30 years later !

The small "assortment" proposed here aims especially at showing the big diversity of what can interest me artistically (songs or instrumental pieces) ; in fact I’m not afraid of doing the "stylistic splits", passing from pop songs to text songs, or from neo-classic to electro music-pop, or jazz … You will find many more pieces on my YouTube channel or on Soundcloud.

Jennyfer’s dream

 Bluesy, pop rock instrumental piece, with a very sober orchestration : rhythmic, guitar, organ, synth.

Plaisir d’amour

(The joys of love)

Modern version, completely rearranged, of this classic song of 18th century, written by Florian and JPE Martini. This version is, to my knowledge, the only complete one that exists this day (a part of the song being  always systematically cut ; having worked from the original score, I was able to reintroduce it). This piece is an example of the work I can realize as an arranger.


An example of the type of pieces which particularly mean a lot to me, with whom I began in musical composition : the instrumental piece for piano. I created hundreds of it ; that one was composed during summer 1980, in the eponymous city.

On a d’quoi faire

(We’ve got a lot to do)

                                   Written in 1989,                                      this song,                                   relative to                                 ecology, is                                  unfortunately                                      still relevant                                    today.                                       In the last three                                       decades, the                                     situation even                                      strongly degraded.


Tribute to the composer Handel, this title, inspired by his passacaille, propose a  symphonic pop rock version.

La photo de Nastassja


Emblematic song, which always meets a striking success during the public interpretations, Nastassja has just celebrated its 32 years ; it is a tribute to beautiful Nastassja Kinski.


Dedicated to the unfortunate Amy Winehouse, this song was written in 2011, two months after she died.

Lucho 2

   Music composed in 2018 for the     I 2TECH company, as hold music.

A SACEM repertory of 500 titles Songs and music Version française among others…